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Let me make it clear about setting up your Victron MultiPlus Inverter Charger

By ramek99 | Maj 19, 2021

Hans-Christian Muenchmeyer

Many thanks Peter with this exemplary post; We have a concern with regards to the remote panels and their functions that exist. I am aware that we now have two, the Digital Multi Control /GX together with colors Control GX. I happened to be hoping that along with Control GX could manage all or at least the functions that are main as input ‘current restriction’ and ‘on/off/charger just’. Through the manual regarding the colors Control GX I realize that for ‘some’ system designs utilizing the Multiplus the Color cannot perform these functions Control GX. One associated with mentioned system setup is just a setup that makes use of the VE.BUS BMS that is a necessity for Li battery pack banking institutions. Right right right Here Victron proposes the usage of the Digital Multi Control AND a rocker switch for the function that is on/off. From my viewpoint difficult to think or do we misunderstand something here. I might love to have every thing consolidated within the colors Control GX remote.

Peter Kennedy

You can turn the MultiPlus on / off aided by the colors Control GX. The something you simply can’t do in the colors Control is control the cost present in case a VE Bus BMS is set up. For that you’ll need one of the two Digital Multi Controls.

Cory Nickerson

Great article that is great. Actually simplified the procedure. My question relates to the switching. Ac in from coast power, out to main Ac breaker. My reading regarding the manual claims the battery charger will automatically switch on whenever it is getting coast energy. Imagine if I link my generator but don’t wish battery pack charger to activate, can this be achieved?

Peter Kennedy

The MultiPlus has only a single ac input therefore there isn’t method for it to distinguish between generator and coast energy. You would need to manually adjust the knob in the remote to show the charging you present to zero once the dock was left by you.


This a how that is excellent” for the MultiPlus and linked monitoring add-ons. My particular question/concern may be the framework ground. I’ve a 1999 Beneteau 411. Have you considered any concerns about grounding the framework towards the negative DC ground offered that this type of ship won’t have any bonding on its through hulls. We have heard arguments pros and cons grounding the framework towards the DC negative grounds. Many Thanks ahead of time for any ideas you might have with this concern.

Peter Kennedy

Linking the inverter framework to ground is a requirement that is abyc. This is actually the paragraph that is relevant 31.6.5 DC GROUNDING CONNECTIONS The DC grounding conductor get in touch through the metallic instance or framework, towards the engine negative terminal or its coach, and will be of an ampacity corresponding to compared to the DC good conductor. EXCLUSION: The DC grounding conductor could be one size smaller compared to the minimum size conductor needed for the DC current carrying conductors.

Wonderfull information. Many thanks. Can there be an approach to plan the 24v, 3000W, 70A Multiplus to operate a fan that is auxiliary the inner Multiplus fan runs? I am setting up the Multiplus I simply received from PKYS into an unused battery pack compartment on my camper. I shall want to offer an auxiliary fan to vent that compartment to produce appropriate cooling. Many thanks once again.

Peter Kennedy

Yes you certainly can do that. A good way is desribed by a person whom commented to my post: Programming your Victron MultiPlus inverter charger using the VE Configure program – component 3 – „The Assistants” Scroll most of the method to the termination of the article to see their description of just just what he did.

Chris Carpenter

Great article,Very informative! Is it possible to plan the Multiplus with a Venus GX or must you make use of the MK3 to USB adapter?

Peter Kennedy

No you cant utilize the Venus to plan the multiplus. At the time of April 2019 the only choice is the Mk3USB screen. We have a true wide range of other blogs which cover the development.

Gordon Paterson

Peter Our company is connecting a gasoline generator into system additionally and then think about it whenever batteries operate low We have sma invertor from panels Iam presuming the 230v from invertor and generator get into the incoming way to obtain multi plus ,same connection ,fused before dealing with multiplus

Nick DiOrio

Simply beware that the inverter is certainly not ignition safeguarded and really should never be into the exact same compartment as a fuel generator. In case the ship was not created for a gas motor there is probably no vapor proof device area and also mounting the inverter in a compartment that is adjacent be dangerous.

Peter Kennedy

You must fit a selector switch to connect the active source since garland gay escort the Mult can only accept one input at a time if you have two AC sources for the Multiplus. A Quattro can accept two AC inputs simultaneously and can immediately connect with the source that is active.

Peter Wilson

Hello Peter, thank you for the article that is excellent. I will be reworking the installation of a Multiplus on a canal motorboat not long ago i purchased. I’m concerned that most the circuit protection is downstream associated with Multiplus. Is it possible to see any issue then on to the Multiplus if i go from the shore power socket direct to a correctly current rated earth leakage circuit breaker. Many Thanks once again. Best wishes Peter Wilson France.

Give Jenkins

Peter, exceptional article, many thanks. RE: ABYC A-31.6.5: Will they be actually saying the way it is ground must be the exact same size while the DC good conductor? That may effortlessly be 4/0, and sometimes even 3/0 if you choose to go one size smaller. I do not think i have ever seen an inverter situation ground making use of 4/0 cable, perhaps you have? Would the supplied mounting hardware also support a 4/0 sized lug?

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